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VinVillage is an exclusive lifestyle organization for wine and food lovers. VinVillage lets its members create locally based social wine groups to connect them with other “like-minded” wine lovers in their home towns and around the country, bringing the membership together with a fun and exciting local and online “wine life-style” experience offering unique and exclusive wines, events, products and services. And best yet, membership is free!  So join us now, as...

VinVillage IS where wine lovers connect!

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Tune in weekly to wsRadio.com to hear wine and food journalist lynn krielow chamberlain, host of the "Wine and Dine" show on VinVillageRadio broadcast 7 days a week on the wsRadio Network, the world-wide leader in internet talk-radio with over a million listeners a month!  Click the logo to tune-in now!

Rob Barnett doing a VinVillageRadio "live remote" broadcast from the San Diego Bay Festival

Rob Barnett, CEO & Founder - After nearly 20 years as a technology entrepreneur and avid wine hobbyist and wine collector, Rob turned wine entrepreneur. A long-time San Diego resident, Rob has been chasing his love of wine since back in college during his short-lived jug wines phase. After many years of self-study, along with the indepth knowledge he gained through a multitude of wine-pairings, tastings, classes and wine groups and affiliations, along with experiencing the many different wine varietals and styles, Rob developed a strong passion for, and love of, wine and the wine-lifestyle. And now, as founder of VinVillage, a social organization for wine enthusiasts, and VinVillageRadio, a popular talk-radio show focusing on all things about wine and food, and also as the new President and Executive Director of the SF Wine Association, an organization to help promote boutique, artisan wineries, Rob has leveraged his technology background and his immense passion for wine to make it his profession.

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VinVillage is seeking local "Village Leaders" around the country who would like to build and lead their own local VinVillage membership group. If you have leadership ability, desire, determination and passion to lead your own wine group, first join us, then send an email to 'New Leaders' for more information on how to run your own local group. Join us now!




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