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2014 Harvest Report

September 19, 2014 - 2:30pm

Harvest is kicking in high gear this week in Washington State with near perfect weather. The warm growing season is coming to an ideal end with warm days in the 80 to 90F and nights cooling down to the mid 50’s. As a result the sugars are high and the cool nights are allowing flavors to increase and ripen while acids stay high. In general the sugars are running a bit faster than flavors but the perfect weather is allowing us to push our hang time a bit to get flavors where we want them (based on the style of Riesling for each block).

The first Rieslings from lightly cropped Yakima Valley Vineyards are showing good peach and apricot flavors. Next week we should get heavy into the sparkling bases and heavier cropped warm site Riesling. There is no rain in the forecast so the disease pressure is quasi null. The fruit is coming in very clean and at a reasonable pace. All lights are green here for a great vintage.

Wallula Vineyard's Sunset from Tuesday