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Grappa is a high octane spirit in Italy that is made from distilling "pomace," a by-product of the winemaking process. Pomace is essentially the pressed skins and stems left over after the first vinification process. The name grappa is in fact a reference to this, as it means "grape stems" in an Italian dialect and has been around since the Middle Ages.

Wines of Friuli

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Brandulin Winery

Boris Kristančič and Katy Daniels-Bendel

If you find yourself in Northeastern Italy or northwestern Slovenia on the border stop and visit Boris Kristančič at Brandulin Winery.

Tokaji Aszú

Tokaji Aszú Dessert Wines

Tokaji Aszú … The world renowned Tokaj Aszú!  Often referred to as just Tokaj (pronounced: toe-kai) .   The most sumptuous and most delectable Aszú made only in one place in the world, Tokaj, Hungary; the region is Tokaj-Hegyalja.  But what grape is it?  It is usually the Furmint varietal, but can also be made from other indigenous grapes in Hungary.  One of my favorite Aszú styles is made with the Hárslevelű varietal. 

Next Big Thing ... Amphora wines

Next big thing ... Amphora wines

The Next Big Thing 2 ...

Carpathian Wines Blog on

Juhfark??!!  Don’t look at me! … Okay English speakers have a lot of fun with the name of this varietal, but all jokes aside as this is a truly amazing aromatic, smoky, full body dry white wine that's just delicious!

The Next Big Thing …

Carpathian Wines where you can find extraordinary wines such as aszu, kekfrankot

Yes, I’m partial to this new and ancient area, but I truly love the styles of wine coming out of Central Europe and it’s time for them to re-emerge on to the global market.  It has already started in Europe and only a few gutsy importers are bringing them into the United States.  Okay, I’m one of them, it’s easier to say gutsy than naïve.  So why are Central European Wines the next big thing?  

Carmageddon turns out to be great wine weekend with friends

We feared the worst and got the best! It was a deja vu of the 1984 Olympics with LA stepping up and staying off the roads and freeways. The only heavy traffic was seen by local businesses as Angelenos strove to keep their driving to a minimum. The other benefit - great excuse for a party and we did lots of that this weekend.

What Are Your Thoughts On Brunello?

Well, my Wine Wednesday started off quite nice yesterday evening.  Of course, I then went to a basketball game followed by a trip to my local watering hole.  Let's just say that waking up this morning was quite the chore.

However, I think it is best to concentrate on the first hour of my drinking last night.  I would love to get feedback from the twitter world and blog world on the wonderful wine Brunello. 

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