The Quickest Way to My Heart

I love food. It's pathetic how much I love food. I always tell guys this up front.  Every online dating profile I've ever written mentions my love of food.  And the last time I met a guy out in the live world, just out and about, it was on line at one of my favorite local, non-chain, take-out places.  He was wondering aloud what to get and I offered him several suggestions.  I'm a regular there, and know the menu by heart so I had plenty to say.  He asked for my number.  Crappy date, but whatever.

I'm also tiny.  Petite and thin (but not skinny).  The chick in my header pic is me. That's my half-nekkid body (just in case you're a new reader and didn't know).  I'm not bragging. Just pointing out a fact.  I've worked hard over the years to stay in shape, though I know I need to be thankful for my good metabolism.  It's just easier for some of us to stay thin, and I know I'm lucky that way.

Anyway, I bring this all up because I cooked tonight for the first time in ages.  Nothing fancy.  Just one of my favorite comfort foods. And I realized that, while I can cook super-healthy and/or super-fancy the things I cook most often are comfort foods.  And that that's just another thing for me to be mindful of when I'm playing the dating game.

I can think of several guys I've gone out with in the last few years who were health food freaks (None of them made it to boyfriend status, though it wasn't their eating habits that did them in).  I guess those types of guys look at me and think I must eat healthy all of the time, too.  One of them actually cringed when I said that I was considering ordering something over another for dinner because it came with french fries and I frequently choose my meal by the side dish.  He was appalled that I ate french fries.  He didn't eat any fried foods.  I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure we never went out again after that.  I do remember not ordering the dish with the french fries.  it wasn't worth the grief.

I guess I'd rather date a guy who needs to lose a few pounds because he likes food just a little too much than someone who always eats the right thing.  I'm probably in the minority on this one.  That's OK with me.  That means more slightly overweight guys left on the market for me to date and share cholesterol laden treats with.


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