Peacock Foundation

The Peacock Foundation offers innovative programming that can teach and inspire any child. These programs are designed to incorporate safe animal activities and discussion to learn social skills and improve communication. We have incorporated programs in schools, foster care, youth centers, and homes.



Our Vision
To see a generation of youth empowered to create better lives. We hope that through our programs the youth we serve will find hope in their situations and reach out for the help that they need to accomplish their dreams, and to see a generation of youth connecting with the world and people around them on an emotional and intellectual level.

There are numerous community centers, youth programs, after school centers, foster care facilities, and churches that provide support to youth who are dealing with the effects of trauma. However, many of these sites acquire inadequate funding to provide consistent programming that teaches practical living skills and emotional understanding and support for trauma. The Peacock Foundation is designed to support existing facilities, struggling to positively affect youth development, in an effort to change the lives of the entire community.

Our Method

What does it mean to offer hope?
1. You are able to acknowledge your trauma
2. You are provided with a safe way to express your emotions
3. You develop a community to assist you with the experience
4. You develop the skills to navigate through your life
5. You are able to help someone else to cope with their trauma

The Peacock Foundation provides ways to accomplish all of these steps, and you can join us by completing #5 in your own life by partnering with us.




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