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WineFairy chats with Cynthia Cosco on Passagio Wines; with Alyssa Rap of Bottlenotes; and with Alan Goldfarb on the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference

Segment-1: Winemakers - Follow Your Passion: Passagio Wines to Open Tasting Room on Vine Alley, Sonoma Square - Cynthia Cosco
01: "What an awesome journey this has been...I was a 15year Law Enforcement Officer who left that career to follow a passion for wine making. I moved to California in 2004 to pursue that dream. I now am the owner/winemaker for Passaggio Wines. The name Passaggio comes from an Italian word meaning ‘passage way.’ This journey has been a wonderful passage into the world of wine. I have met many inspiring friends and have shared some remarkable food and wine... I couldn't have done it without the help of some wonderful friends... Watch for the new Passaggio Wines tasting room... coming soon to Sonoma!!"


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Segment-2: Wine Events - Join Bottlenotes at "Around the World in "80-Sips"! – Alyssa Rapp
02: On August 15th, "Around the World in 80 Sips" L.A. will celebrate with over 80 great wines from around the globe. This signature event has General and VIP admission times offering the "Sherry-Lehmann VIP Suite" which includes an additional 25+ world-class wines, plus there's a "Chateau Montelena" hosted educational seminar and sensory tasting of their current six releases. The seminar is at 5:30; VIP at 6:30 & General Admission at 7:30 Friday, August 15th at Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A. For more information and VERY special ticket pricing, go to! Alyssa Rapp is Founder and CEO of Bottlenotes.


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Segment-3: Wine Blogs - For the Love of Bloggers—The 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference, Buellton, California – Alan Goldfarb
03: Alan Goldfarb, Wine Journalist, Media Relations Consultant, participated in the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference as an observer to build relationships with the increasingly popular and growing blogging community. Now in its seventh year, the conference is supported by three distinct groups: Citizen Wine Bloggers, Industry Wine Bloggers, and Non-blogger participants interested in wine brands, products, and lifestyle.


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Segment-4: Wine Blogs - Congratulations To The 2014 Wine Blog Award Winners! - Alan Goldfarb
04: Alan Goldfarb’s recent observations from attending the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference will spark interesting conversations and continued food for thought as the blogging theme, campaign, and phenom moves forward. The highlight of the conference is the announcement of the Wine Bloggers Awards. Best Blog Post of the Year went to Lauren Mowery’s “Turkish Wines: Vinkara Winery Working to Preserve Indigenous Varieties with Delicious Results.” Best Original Photography or Video on a Wine Blog went to “The Journey of Jordan Winery.” Best Industry/Business Wine Blog went to “Fermentation: The Daily Wine blog.” Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog went to “Wine School of Philadelphia.” Best Single Subject Wine Blog went to “Washington Wine Report.” Best Winery Blog went to “The Lynmar Life.” Best Writing On a Wine Blog went to "HoseMaster of Wine." Best New Wine Blog went to "Girl and the Grape." And, the Best Overall Wine Blog went to "Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog."


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