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WineFairy chats with Juan and Nola Palomar of Dominio Buenavista & Veleta Wines; Alec Lindsay on WineGlass App; and wine blogger & reviewer, Fredric Koeppel

Segment-1: Winery & Importers - Bodega Dominio Buenavista and Veleta Wines of Granada, Spain – Juan and Nola Palomar
01: Juan and Nola Palomar, operate Dominio Buenavista family owned winery situated south from Granada, on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada in one of Spain's oldest wine regions: La Alpujarra – Contraviesa. They produce wines organically adhering to biodynamic practices in their vineyards and while using traditional methods in their new facilities to produce wines of exceptional quality. As a result of their cleanliness routine in the winery, they have some of the lowest sulphite content of their wines in the market. The Palomar’s import their wines themselves and strive to share their passion and award winning white, rosé, red and Cava wines with US consumers.

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Segment-2: Wine Apps - Replace Your Shame With Confidence Using The New WineGlass App..."A Game Changer" – Alec Lindsay
02: WineGlass started with a conversation between brothers Roddy and Alec Lindsay in 2012. The Brothers Lindsay were staring at a wine list in a restaurant in Moscow, eyes glazed over with anxiety and shame. That evening, they decided to build a friendly, intuitive wine app predicated upon speed, simplicity, and ease of use. They've partnered with CellarTracker, the world’s leading wine community, which provides the data that powers WineGlass. Take a picture of a wine list at a bar or restaurant and WineGlass will instantly scan the image and give you an interactive version on your iPhone. Easy!

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Segment-3: Wine Blogs - "Bigger Than Your Head" Wine Review Blog Balances Pleasure With Skepticism – Fredric Koeppel
03: Veteran print journalist, former college English Instructor, Fredric Koeppel, writes and publishes the immensely popular, well-regarded blog “Bigger Than Your Head: wine reviews from his home in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, he’s focusing a lot of attention on delicious dry rosés for our summer delight. He spends a great deal of time eating and drinking… reading, watching movies, listening to most forms of music, admiring architecture and the visual arts… cooking, fostering rescue puppies, and sharing his life with us.
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Segment-4: Wine Blogs - Memphis Wine Blogger Provides Original Commentary for Consumer and Industry Review – Fredric Koeppel
04: Fredric Koeppel’s “Bigger Than Your Head” was voted best wine reviews blog in 2009 and 2013. He’s been writing about wine, online, since 2004 and is considered one of the most influential voices on wine in 2014. His taste in wines is eclectic, see category list, ranging from cheap to esoteric-limited, but honest and steadfast to his inner-wine-voice. Koeppel will rejoin us in December with his annual 12 Days of Christmas Champagne and Sparkling Wine review list. If you can’t wait ‘til then, we can’t recommend his blog highly enough.
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