Vin de Cru...french for "Vintage Wine' is a weekly exposé and audioblog focusing on exclusive VinVillageRadio guest interviews featuring high-profile, in-depth discussions with the "who's who" in wine and food. Please read, listen and enjoy!

VinVillage chats with Aaron Epstein of Le Metro Wines; Sharon Harris on Rare Cat Wines; with Wil Fernandez about Vintage2014; and Laura Booras on Riverbench Vineyards

Segment-1: Wine Clubs - Le Metro Wines is the world’s most cutting edge wine club. Their team includes innovative wine experts, writers, and artists, each of whom has left an indelible mark on the world of wine - Aaron Epstein
01: Aaron Epstein is the "Curator" of Le Metro Wine and he has been studying, selling, and writing about wine since before he could legally drink it. He has traveled the world to work in almost every aspect of the wine industry. In 2012, he moved to San Diego, and along with Tina Morey & Eric Guy of Protocol Wine Studio...created Le Metro Wines...which is a wine club like no other. Each of their six-bottle wine collections has been developed around a unique theme and contextualized by their pioneering artwork and written narratives. Wine Club Members never know quite what is inside the box, but you know that it will be both delicious and provocative. Click HERE to visit their website.


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Segment-2: Wineries - A passion ignited in Bordeaux over thirty years ago but lives on today in the wines Rare Cat Wines produces from Napa and Sonoma - Sharon Harris
02: A “RARECAT” is an elusive one-of-a-kind creature who touches others in a quiet way. Sharon Kazan Harris’s wines express this philosophy with wines which are complex and balanced. Creating wine is so much more than cultivating and bottling great fruit. It really is a passion, a passion that drives us to create something rare and exquisite, something elusive, but something that once discovered remains with you forever. This was the genesis for RARECAT. The true importance of wine is not only the beauty one finds in the glass but the conversations and friendships one develops while sharing something special. Click HERE to learn more.

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Segment-3: Wine & Film - A former ad exec produces an innovative Vintage 2014 film-photography-podcast project that cuts through a spider’s web of cultural conundrums - Wil Fernandez
03: By covering the entire grape-growing season that just it shows the world that truly fine wine is made in the vineyard. By presenting that coverage in a multimedia mix via "," it gives chewable content in varying lengths through whatever medium you fancy, all adding up to about 90 minutes of exploration. And by touring the country with a series of events that pair short documentary segments with focused wine tastings, Vintage 2014 will leave a lasting impression on people about the unique magic of Santa Barbara wine country, where passionate vintners who toil in both the soil and the barrels are happy to share their triumphs and tragedies with all. Click HERE to learn more.
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Segment-4: Wineries - Situated on the southeastern edge of the Santa Maria Valley, the northernmost AVA in Santa Barbara County, the vineyard originally consisted of 220 acres of Chardonnay and 55 acres of Pinot Noir - Laura Booras
04: Riverbench Vineyard was established in 1973, when the first Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes were planted on the property. For years since then, some of the most renowned wineries have purchased our fruit for their wines. In 2004, they began producing a small portfolio of artisan Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs in limited quantities, with many available exclusively through their tasting rooms in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara, CA. Their goal remains to produce the highest quality grapes in our vineyards, resulting in unparalleled wine quality while staying committed to sustainable winegrowing practices that are environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically feasible. Click HERE to learn more.
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