Vin de Cru...french for "Vintage Wine' is a weekly exposé and audioblog focusing on exclusive VinVillageRadio guest interviews featuring high-profile, in-depth discussions with the "who's who" in wine and food. Please read, listen and enjoy!

WineFairy chats with wine historian, Emily Kate; with wine journalist, Randy Caparoso; and with Edwin and Stacia Williams of Cairdean Estate

Segment-1: Wine History - Discover the History of Wine from Antiquity to Late Middle Ages – Emily Kate
01: Emily Kate, Historian, hosts a new YouTube channel based on her own historical research where she posts lectures on the history of wine and the vine. She studied history at Columbia University, earning her undergraduate degree in a mere three years. She has earned the Intermediate and Advanced WSET certifications with honors; interned at wineries in the U.S. and Australia, and works part-time at Gotham Wines in NYC.


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Segment-2: Wine Journalism - Wine Educator, Journalist, Sommelier, Lodi Wine Blogger - Randy Caparoso
02: Randy Caparoso, contributor at The Tasting Panel Magazine, Editor-at-Large for The SOMM Journal, is a multi-award winning restaurateur, founding partner, former VP, and wine director of the Roy's restaurant group, and longtime wine journalist, who lives in Lodi, California and blogs about Lodi wine. He is currently "Bottom Line" Editor of Sommelier Journal. He has been commended by the Academy of Wine Communications for Excellence in Wine Writing and Encouragement of Higher Industry Standards; an is an Electoral College Member of the annual Vintners Hall of Fame at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.


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Segment-3: Wineries - Cairdean Estate Provides Full Day Sensory Experience in Napa Valley - Edwin and Stacia Williams
03: Cairdean Estate is the vision of husband and wife Edwin and Stacia Williams. Cairdean sits at the base of Spring Mountain, encompassing 58 acres in the St. Helena appellation. The estate consists of the Cairdean Vineyards winery, a tasting room open to the public, a tasting room reserved for winery club members, the Redolent Sensory Experience, Rosgal Mercantile and the restaurant The Farmer & The Fox and the bakery/deli Butterscots.


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Segment-4: Wineries - Gaelic Inspired Cairdean Estate, St. Helena, Good Wine, Good Food, Friendship - Edwin and Stacia Williams
04: Edwin and Stacia Williams have stylishly repurposed the other elements of the property with a charming town square feel. The buildings enclose a courtyard with a historic oak wine tank, a three-tiered round fountain and a willow-covered terrace next to Butterscots’ pizza oven. The Napa Valley selection of wines includes the full range from dry to sweet, white to dry rosé to red. Everyone is happy and welcome.


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