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VinVillage chats with Joy Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards; Frank Michiels of Eight Bells Winery; Stephanie Miskew 'The Glamorous Gourmet' and with Tim Stekkinger of SkySquirrel Tech

Segment-1: Wineries - Iron Horse is one of Sonoma County's most beautiful, independent, 'family owned' wineries. Located in foggy Green Valley in the Russian River Valley, where Iron Horse got its start by Audrey & Barry Sterling in 1976 - Joy Sterling
01: Joy Sterling represents the second generation at Iron Horse Vineyards. She quietly took the reins as CEO of the winery in 2006 after 20 years of presenting the wines across the country. She was recently awarded the 2014 "Winery CEO of the Year" in the 2nd Annual "Wine Industry and WINEnovation awards". Joy is also a member of the California State Food & Agriculture Board, appointed by Governor Jerry Brown....and she is also the author of "A Cultivated Life", published by Random House. And, at the moment, her favorite Iron House Sparkling wine is their 2010 Wedding Cuvée. Click HERE to visit the Iron Horse website.


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Segment-2: Wineries - Eight Bells Winery is a small urban winery in North Seattle producing hand-crafted red and white wines. Their roots go back to making wine in basements and a commercial space in the fall of 2009 - Frank Michiels
02: Eight Bells Winery is jointly owned and operated by Tim Bates, Andy Shepherd and Frank Michiels and for them, Eight Bells marks both a change in their careers and an opportunity to take their winemaking skills to a new level. Their sixth crush is now behind them and all their 2014 wine is in barrel finishing secondary fermentation. And, to top it off, Eight Bells was recently named among the "10Best: Urban wineries across the USA" in 10Best in USA Today. Click HERE to learn more.

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Segment-3: Wine, Food & Travel - Certified Sommelier, Wine Educator, Writer and author of The Glamorous Gourmet blog on food, wine & travel...and also the Proprietor of The Wine Atelier, an online wine boutique, club - Stephanie Miskew
03: The Glamorous Gourmet debuted in February 2011 as the reincarnation of Stephanie Savors the Moment, a blog which chronicled Stephanie’s year-long journey cooking her way, a la “Julie & Julia,” through the Junior League of Boca Raton’s James Beard award-winning Cookbook, Savor the Moment. The project was to comemorate the book’s 10th Anniversary and in the process, a new career was born. In addition to her website and contributions to, Stephanie has also written wine reviews, educational content and wine event coverage for well-known publications. In addition to writing, She also conducts wine tasting classes and educational seminars in both public and private venues...and regularly judges food and wine events including the prestigious "American Fine Wine Competition." Click HERE to visit website.
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Segment-4: Vineyards - SkySquirrel Technologies develops drone-based technology for monitoring crop health, with a primary focus on improving crop yields and reducing costs at commercial vineyards - Tim Stekkinger
04: The SkySquirrel Technologies solution is based on three tightly integrated technologies: 1) In-house developed specialized multi-spectral and thermal imaging equipment tailored for use on a drone platform, 2) a cloud-based image processing service delivering the "right data" straight to the end-user and 3) a robust unmanned aircraft system (UAS) able to execute autonomous missions. SkySquirrel has an exclusive partnership with VineView-Scientific Aerial Imaging, the leading provider of remote sensing services to grape growers in California since 2002. SkySquirrel Tech develops its own propriety algorithms, and also those in cooperation with their partner VineView.
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