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VinVillage chats with Geoff Alexander on Sideways-10; Chris Bashforth on Santa Ynez Historical Museum; Megan McGrath Gates on Lucas & Lewellen wine; and Charlotte Chipperfield on The Wine Key

Segment-1: Wine Movies - We are talking with the Santa Barbara County Film Commissioner about everything "Sideways" as this September marks the 10th Anniversary of the widely popular movie - Geoff Alexander
01: The Santa Barbara County Film Commission, in conjunction with "Visit Santa Barbara" and "Sideways10" are in partnership with "Fox Searchlight" to promote local Film Tourism including a national sweepstakes hosted by FOX Searchlight to accompany their Blu-Ray "re-release" of Sideways, along with an exclusive screening and celebration of the film at The Arlington Theatre featuring Sideways Director, Alexander Payne, a website "," along with social media support, a new "Sideways Map" as well as 100 “Sideways signs” that are deployed throughout Santa Barbara County.

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Segment-2: Wine & Museums - During the Sideways 10th Celebration, the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum will be featuring exclusive winemaker dinners and tastings and a VERY special exhibit called… "UNCORKED: The Evolution of Wine in the Santa Ynez Valley" - Chris Bashforth
02: The first exhibition of its kind, “Uncorked” traces the evolution of winemaking in the Santa Ynez Valley from the early Mission period through today. The exhibit highlights those pioneering winemakers who helped bring international recognition to the Santa Ynez Valley as a region for producing exceptionally fine wines, along with the many others who laid the groundwork for today's burgeoning wine industry in the Santa Ynez Valley and surrounding areas.

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Segment-3: Wine - For on VinVillageRadio back in 2008, Lucas & Lewellen joins us to talk about their wines and their invovlement in the Sideway 10th celebration - Megan McGrath Gates
03: The vineyards of Lucas & Lewellen are located in the 3 wine growing valleys of Santa Barbara County: Santa Ynez Valley, Los Alamos Valley, and the Santa Maria Valley. These valley vineyards benefit from a rare transverse mountain range topography, an east-west orientation which channels the cool ocean air of the Pacific into the coastal valleys, allowing warm days and cool nights to produce a long, gentle growing season. And, on Sat-Oct. 11th in honor of the Sideways the 10th Celebration, you can enjoy a delicious winemaker’s dinner with Lucas & Lewellen (which was featured in the Sideways Film), at the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum.
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Segment-4: Wine Education - The Wine Key is a wine education and consulting business based in San Francisco that hosts wine-themed educational events around the country - Charlotte Chipperfield
04: The Wine Key, lead by Founder, Charlotte Chipperfield, is on a mission to make wine less intimidating and to enrich lives one sip, or one click at a time! Learn to navigate the world of wine with The Wine Key's online resources such as tips for purchasing, how to read wine labels, their webinars, or by attending live classes. The Wine Key also offers social media and marketing consulting to wine related businesses such as wineries, wine bars, and restaurants.
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