Vin de Cru...french for "Vintage Wine' is a weekly exposé and audioblog focusing on exclusive VinVillageRadio guest interviews featuring high-profile, in-depth discussions with the "who's who" in wine and food. Please read, listen and enjoy!

VinVillage chats with Ann Rea about Wine, Art and Appreciation; Todd French on The Wine Check; Moorea Warren on the Lodi Wine Stroll; and Esther Bates on Sideways at the Elverhoj Museum

Segment-1: Wine & Art - San Francisco based artist Ann Rea ('Ray') delivers an inspiring program with her Art, Wine & Appreciation events as she takes an old tradition and delivers a fresh approach with her "edu-tainment" themed events - Ann Rea
01: Drawing on the tradition of the salon, nationally recognized artist, Ann Rea's clients invite select guests to participate in an intimate and inspired conversation as they learn about art and wine in a relaxed, fresh and friendly way. Starting with a sparkling wine reception, the event Host's introduce each guest by briefly thanking them for their business, contribution, or friendship. This interaction ignites an atmosphere of gratitude and appreciation among the participants. The evening progressses as each wine is paired with an oil painting. The attendees learn a about the wine, and the Artist, Ann Rea, teaches everyone how to look at a painting through the artist’s eyes. Click HERE to learn more.

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Segment-2: Wine & Travel - The Wine Check says "Don't Ship It...Check It!" The Wine Check provides a safe, convenient, and economical way to transport up to a case of wine allowing you to "check it" while flying - Todd French
02: Truly savvy wine travelers know to check their wine in a wine shipper box with the airline, however checking a 40+ lbs box without wheels, handles, or a pull-strap can be challenging. Now, with "The Wine Check," wine-travel enthusiasts can get their wine home safely and conveniently. And, wineries have a way to sell more wine, decrease weather holds, returns, admin costs, etc, while branding The Wine Check and thus have a rolling billboard throughout airports. After all, it’s the wine that cultivates the relationship between the traveler and the place.

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Segment-3: Wine Events - The Lodi Chamber of Commerce announces its 22nd annual School Street Wine Stroll...and this Fall it’s going to be a "Wicked Wine Stroll", so grab your mask and broom and join the fun - Moorea Warren
03: The Lodi School Street Wine Stroll is a semi-annual wine event, hosted every Spring and Fall, by the Lodi Chamber of Commerce to promote local wineries and businesses. It features over 25 wineries, each pouring their best wines in a retail shop located in historic Downtown Lodi. Attendees get to casually "stroll" down School Street visiing the shops which are offering the wines they've been "paired" with, plus light appetizers and special sales for that evening. So, come visit Lodi on Saturday, October 18th from 6 to 9PM for a "Spooktacular" time!
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Lodi "Wicked" Wine Stroll

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It'll be a Spooktacular time!

6-9PM, Saturday, Oct. 18th in Downtown Lodi

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Segment-4: Wine & Museums - To mark the 10th anniversary of the award-winning film, Sideways, Elverhoj Museum of History and Art presents “Looking Back Sideways,” a photography exhibition currently on display in the Museum Gallery - Esther Bates
04: The exhibit at the Elverhoj Museum of History and Art features iconic images from the Sideways film and a look behind-the-scenes as captured by Merie Weismiller Wallace, a member of the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers. On Saturday, November 1st, Merie Wallace will talk about her experiences on location with the Sideways cast and crew. The public is invited to the free presentation of "Shooting Sideways" at 4 p.m. in the Museum Gallery. Click HERE for more details.
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