Vin de Cru...french for "Vintage Wine' is a weekly exposé and audioblog focusing on exclusive VinVillageRadio guest interviews featuring high-profile, in-depth discussions with the "who's who" in wine and food. Please read, listen and enjoy!

VinVillage chats with Mike Sullivan on Benovia Wines; Thea Dwelle of Luscious Lushes; with Alex Andrawes on Personal Wine; and with Matthew Ramos on Garlic Shaker

Segment-1: Wineries - What he truly cherishes about the art of winemaking is that perfection is unattainable. "Winemaking is about the journey...not the destination" - Mike Sullivan
01: At Benovia, they believe they've struck the right balance between innovative viticultural techniques and traditional winegrowing. And even though they have made a significant financial investment in upgrading their vineyards with the latest farming and irrigation technology, they rely a little bit more on old-fashioned instinct and experience to handcraft Benovia's exceptional, high quality wines. Benovia's goal is to get to know each vineyard block intimately to learn its special qualities to promote the optimum ripeness and flavor development of the fruit.

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Segment-2: Wine Blogs - By day, She is a software jockey...presently specializing in CRM solutions for the wine industry...but by night, she is a devoted "Wine Brat," who seeks to try new wines and expand her palate by drinking as much good wine as possible - Thea Dwelle
02: While Thea Dwelle shares this experience through her popular wine blog, "Luscious Lushes," hHer blog is to create a conversation...its not a dictatorship. What she writes about, you may or may not agree with...but that’s OK with Thea as that’s the point of having a conversation. When she started her blog, it was born out of her love of all things wine and her desire to share information with other people.

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Segment-3: Wineries - Personal Wine was founded in late 1999 by Alex and his friend Aaron Bulkley, two college buddies with a love of wine, wine bottle labels and finer foods - Alex Andrawes
03: With little more than a dream and $10,000 in savings, Alex and Aaron started out by soaking wine bottles in bathtubs to remove the original wine labels. With blank bottles at the ready, they would then add a custom label to each bottle by hand. Fifteen years later, they may have a more advanced operation, but their commitment to providing high-quality personalized wine gifts and excellent customer service remain central to their purpose. "We’re here to help you create a lasting impression with wine that tastes as good as it looks."
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Segment-4: Food - Have you ever heard people say they started their business on a cocktail napkin?... Well, Garlic Shaker began during the greatest fishing trip of their lives - Matthew Ramos
04: Garlic Shaker began during the greatest fishing trip of their lives as a conversation on a fishing boat... "I’ve got this exciting idea for a device that can peel garlic quickly." The response was enthusiastic as the boat motored back to port and the planning began in a tequila bar. And, now, they tryly believe Garlic Shaker is a great idea, and a great product, that has a great a story that started it all. "We are passionate about providing people with the easiest way to peel garlic cloves. It is our passion that drives us to create the highest quality product that is the best way to quickly peel garlic."
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