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WineFairy chats with Bill Nesto and Fran Di Savino on Sicilian Wine; with Paul Cullen of Tune Your Palate; and with The Cheese Impresario Barrie Lynn

Segment-1: Wine Regions - Unmistakable Spirit From Ancient Roots to Modern Evolution in "The World of Sicilian Wine" – Bill Nesto, MW, and Fran Di Savino
01: Bill Nesto, Master of Wine, an expert in Italian wine, and Frances Di Savino, attorney and a life-long student of Italian culture, have co-authored “The World of Sicilian Wine,” providing wine lovers with a comprehensive understanding of Sicilian wine, from its ancient roots to its modern evolution. For those looking to study genuine terroir, Nesto and Di Savino chronicle one of Europe’s most historic areas, a place where many cultures, ancient and modern, intersect. Bill Nesto is a founder of the Wine Studies Program at Boston University.


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Segment-2: Wine Regions - Sicily, Vibrant Wine Region Where Many Cultures Intersect is One of Europe’s Most Historic Areas - Bill Nesto, MW, and Fran Di Savino
02: "The World of Sicilian Wine” blog is for wine lovers who are discovering Sicily in a genuine search for terroir. Bill Nesto, an expert in Italian wine, and Frances Di Savino, a student of Italian culture, have co-authored the University of California Press book of the same title. They blog about Sicily and offer their readers the opportunity to embrace Sicily as vibrant wine region in both words and images. “Sicily is only now rediscovering the quality of its indigenous grape varieties, such as Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese, Frappato, Grillo, and distinctive terroirs such as the slopes of Mount Etna."


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Segment-3: Wine & Music - 'Cullen-ary' Bassist Perfected the Trifecta of Music, Wine and Food at ‘Tune Your Palate’ & ‘Eating Rehoboth’ Walking Tours – Paul Cullen
03: "It's all about cool music, jazzy wine and divine cuisine" says former Bad Company Bassist, Paul Cullen "It's a lifestyle we live everyday." A professional musician for over 30 years, Paul has put down his bass to concentrate on his new passion, nylon string guitar. While he was honing his craft on guitar and his palate for wine, Paul has revived classic recipes from his Italian Grandma Tagliaferro that she and Mom Nancy taught him at an early age. His recent cooking classes have become wildly popular, teaching old world methods of making pasta, gnocchi and cheese while pairing with wine, all while playing guitar. Paul now follows his true passion for guitar, wine and food, recently having released 3 CDs that feature cool, Mediterranean style jazz. On any given night you might find Paul playing in a posh eatery, performing a cooking demo or pourin' delicious wines.


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Segment-4: Wine & Food - The Cheese Impresario Helps Design Your Next Cheese Course – Barrie Lynn Krich
04: For Barrie Lynn Krich - "The Cheese Impresario" - cheese is magical and fun. She shares her passion and knowledge via a “hand-to-mouth” approach to cheese education with provocative and informative ways to have a good time while discovering the nuances of fine artisanal cheeses. She is an original Slow Food advocate and offers ‘cheese therapy’ for those suffering from ‘ cheese paralysis!” Discover her “Cheese Rules” tutorials on YouTube.


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