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VinVillage chats with Andy Abramson on Grenache Day; with Roger Noujeim about Quini Wine App; Beth Smith aka @TrailWineChick; and "Grilliant Ideas" about their radio show

Segment-1: Wine - Int'l Grenache Association uncorks the 5th Annual International Grenache Day 2014 on Friday, Sep. 19th - Andy Abramson
01: Andy Abramson, the U.S. "Grenache Ambassador" joins us and we're talking about nothing but "Grenache" as on Friday, Sep. 19th, marks the "5th Annual International Grenache Day" celebrating the most widely planted red grape on the plant...and on that day, for 24 hours worldwide, there will be Grenache tastings, plantings and tweetings around the globe. And, to the true "Grenachistas" it’s only a matter of time before more people request Grenache the way they do other wines. So, let's all "SIP" into something more comfortable like a great glass of Grenache and let's get talking about this fabulous varietal...and Taste...Talk...Tweet...#GrenacheDay!"

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Segment-2: Wine Apps - Quini is a wine tasting app that helps you do just that. Notice more...Taste more...and Enjoy wine even more - Roger Noujeim
02: We are joined by Roger Noujeim ("New-Jaym"), CEO of "Quini," the FREE interactive, intuitive Wine App that allows users to rate wines, and expand their wine-tasting abilities through a five-step process...Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Finish, & Opinion. Useful for both wine enthusiasts and novices, Quini captures the users input, and then, the wines quality and character are captured in a colorful, "bloom-like" image, each petal reflecting one of the five aspects of the wine. Each bloom rating is unique, and incorporates a numerical score based on the popular 100-point rating system.

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Segment-3: Wine Blogs - Elizabeth "Beth" Smith, aka the "Traveling Wine Chick" is a former college professor turned wine professional and blogger - Elizabeth Smith
03: Having lost her college position in 2012 to unexpected budgetary cuts caused Beth to rethink her life’s journey. So, she enrolled in the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 and Level 2 courses to expand her horizons. In 2013, she held multiple part-time positions in online education, in travel, and one for a wine broker which got her foot in the door of the wine industry. Still seeking full-time employment, she got a her "break" with the help of a wine business travel client... So, in early 2014, she packed up and she moved from Virginia to Napa Valley, to start her new life as wine club coordinator at Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards and as a wine blogger, known as the "Traveling Wine Chick."
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Segment-4: Internet Radio - A mild-mannered Food Packaging salesman recreates himself as "Mr. Incognito" to become an internet talk-radio Host on his own foodie show - Grilliant Ideas
04: Having been a mild-mannered Food Packaging salesman for nearly 30 years, he felt unfulfilled after all that time on the road.  With most of this life being on the east coast, he ultimately trusted his heart for a life of mystery and adventure and headed west  Landing in San Diego for nearly 12 years, he discovered the art of BBQ. Following the great BBQ masters...and always looking for ways to hone his new craft...when one evening while grilling by a setting sun...he had that "aha moment."...and came up with "A GRILLIANT IDEA" for the name of his new company and brand...which lead him to GrilliantIdeasRadio.
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