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WineFairy chats with Aurelio Montes of Montes Winery; Dean Hewitson of Hewitson Wines and Mad Hatter Shiraz; and Cornelius Geary of Wine 2.0

First segment of this weeks Show: Montes Winery: Premium Quality Wines from Chile, Argentina, and Napa - Aurelio Montes

According to a recent report from Wines of Chile, Chile was one of the only countries showing growth in exports in 2008. Renowned for its great Cabernet Sauvignon, consumers are now beginning to explore Chile’s Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, and its unique varietal, Carmenere. Aurelio Montes, Founder, Chief Winemaker and President of the eco-friendly Montes Winery, explains climatic challenges in Chile, Argentina, and Napa, as well as a cross-continental comparison of Cabernet Sauvignon, illustrating the distinctive characteristics terroir contributes to wine.


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Second segment of this weeks Show: Second Generation Winemaking at Montes Winery of Chile, Argentina, and Napa - Aurelio Montes Del Campo

DAurelio Montes Del Campo is the Head Winemaker for Montes Apalta Winery in the Colchagua region of Chile. Renowned for their Montes Alpha “M”, Montes Folly, and Montes Purple Angel wines from Chile, as well as their Kaiken wines from Mendoza (Argentina), Montes unveiled two California Cabernet Sauvignon wines, NapaAngel, and NapaAngel Aurelio’s Selection in the fall of 2008. The classic Montes style is fruit driven and round wines with soft tannins and an elegant backbone.


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Third segment of this weeks Show: Hewitson Wines and Mad Hatter Shiraz from Adelaide, South Australia - Dean Hewitson

Dean Hewitson, Founder and Winemaker for the highly regarded Mad Hatter old-vine, ungrafted Shiraz joins us from Adelaide. He utilizes his worldly winemaking talents to transform fruit sourced from dry grown and ancient vineyards into intensely flavored, balanced wines. Hewitson produces traditionally-made, uniquely expressive wines from the great vineyards of South Australia's famous wine regions: Adelaide Hills, Eden Valley, McLaren Vale, and the Barossa Valley. Geographically these regions are collectively known as the “Adelaide Super Zone,” and are home to some of Australia's, and the world's, most celebrated vineyards—many of them dating back to the 1800s.


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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: Wine 2.0 heads to New York City on November 18th - Cornelius Geary

Cornelius Geary, CEO and Founder of Wine 2.0 invites wine aficionados, techies, and wine trade alike to 'join the revolution' on November 18th at the second annual Wine 2.0 NYC presented by Webster Hall. Robert Oatley Winery is the big sponsor, along with Crushpad and There will be lots of opportunities to sip wine and mingle among the large consumer audience. Order tickets and learn more at our link below.

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