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WineFairy chats with Eddie Osterland-America`s 1st Master Sommelier; with Leopold Binko and Bedrich Kabriel on Absinth; and with Christopher Taranto of Paso Robles Wine Country

First segment of this weeks Show: Power Entertainer is America's First Master Sommelier - Eddie Osterland

You will thoroughly enjoy Eddie Osterland's journey from New Jersey in the 1960's to becoming America's first Master Sommelier via Honolulu, Bordeaux, and London. His college studies focused on psychology which is uses to his professional advantage as "Your Personal Wine Coach" and "Professional Speaker on Power Entertaining." His approach includes demystifying wine but his expertise is in teaching executive entertaining strategies to empower people with confidence in the boardroom, restaurant, and home alike.


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Second segment of this weeks Show: Green Fairy Original Czech Absinth, Djabel and Koruna Combine Ancient Tradition with Classic Modern Recipes - Leopold Binko and Bedrich Kabriel

The story of Green Fairy and Djabel Absinth is one that is clouded in the history of the Dark Ages, and carries with it all the mysticism of magic. Made in one of Europe's oldest distilleries, these products have been carved out of ancient culture and forged by the constant battle between good and evil. During the 9th Century, when the Moravian Empire was under attack from the Avars, the male population was greatly reduced. To defend themselves against further annihilation, soothe their souls, and seek gratification, they sought consolation in witchcraft. Many local woodland ingredients were used to concoct "magical" brews including one of the oldest and most respected Wormwood. This herb was often used for hex breaking, love potions, and defense against poisons spawned from sea dragons and hemlock. Leopold Binko is Managing Director for Green Tree Distillery, in the Czech Republic; Bedrich Kabriel translates from Australia.


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Third segment of this weeks Show: Czech Republic's "The Distillery by the Green Tree" dates back to 1518 - Leopold Binko and Bedrich Kabriel

Green Fairy absinth is produced to an exacting recipe at one of the oldest distilleries in The Czech Republic - The Green Tree that dates back to 1518. In spite of devastating wars, natural disasters, and revolutions, the production of spirits and liqueurs of exceptional quality has continued for nearly 500 years. The power of this wormwood-based potion could not be denied and physicians were quick to administer and prescribe adaptations of it to those suffering from an array of ills. Eventually the potion fell into the hands of the French who would go on to write their own version of Absinthe's history, popularise it and then banish it some years later. Fortunately the production of this mythical brew continued in the land of its birth, the Czech Republic. Today the modern versions, Green Fairy and Djabel, only differ in alcoholic volume and thujone levels but share the same variation of botanicals that include Coriander, Juniper, Hyssop, Star Anise and Wormwood. These absinths are a superb base spirit for a variety of cocktails or even work wonderfully in a simple mix with tonic, soda or any selection of juices.

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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance is kicking off 2010 Tour with Grand Tasting Event in San Diego - Christopher Taranto

PASO ROBLES WINE COUNTRY, one of the nation's premier wine producing regions, hits the road for its 2010 national Grand Tasting Tour with the first stop scheduled the week of February 23 - 25, 2010 in San Diego, the first and only Southern California stop on the Tour. Over 40 Paso Robles winemakers will take the journey down to San Diego to participate in a number of winemaker dinners, trade tastings and consumer tastings. The goal of the event is really to introduce Southern California wine lovers to the great wines and winemakers that come out of Paso Robles to learn a little bit about Paso Robles wine as well. Christopher Taranto is Communications Manager for the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance.

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