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WineFairy chats with Garen Staglin of Staglin Family Vineyards; Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan on her new Everyday Guide to Wine; and Donny Sebastiani Co-Chair of NextGen Wine Competition

First segment of this weeks Show: Blackberry Farm Smoky Mountain Table features Staglin Family Vineyard, Rutherford - Garen Staglin

Learn the secrets of the soil from the Blackberry Farm Garden Team, led by Garden Manager Jeff Ross and Master Gardener John Coykendall, during the yearly celebration of heirloom gardening and all the flavors that end up on Blackberry Farm's Smoky Mountain Table, featuring the wines of Staglin Family Vineyard, July 18 - 21. Reserve your spot to join them at 800.648.4252. Since purchasing their vineyard 25 years ago, Shari and Garen Staglin's motto has been "great wine for great causes". Through their operation of Staglin Family Vineyard and support of various charitable causes, they have indeed lived up to that philosophy.

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Second segment of this weeks Show: Staglin Family Vineyard Draws Inspiration from "Winged Woman" and Goddess Salus - Garen Staglin

Shari and Garen purchased their 64-acre ranch in heart of the Rutherford Bench, in Napa Valley in December 1985 with their children, Brandon and Shannon. Their property has been proclaimed by wine critic, Robert Parker, as the premier vineyard in the historic Rutherford appellation of Napa Valley. The family is serious about biodiversity, keeping their vineyard healthy with organic farming. The Staglin's have raised $710 million to support charities, including their main cause, the Music Festival for Mental Health. Shari and Garen are founders of the International Mental Health Research Organization, a 501c(3) non-profit organization.

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Third segment of this weeks Show: The Everyday Guide to Wine Features 24 Lectures on DVD by Acclaimed Master of Wine - Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan

The Everyday Guide to Wine is an interactive 24 lecture course produced by The Teaching Coompany, delivered by Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, Master of Wine. In-studio demonstrations and tastings; on-site visits that take you inside wineries; in-depth interviews with experts at all levels of the wine industry; a course guidebook filled with invaluable wine lists and reference guides all of these work together to add dynamic layers of learning that you can't get from simply reading a book about wine. This course features a wealth of visual elements to enhance your learning experience, including wine-tasting and food-pairing demonstrations, detailed photographs, and helpful on-screen text.

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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: Fourth Generation Donny Sebastiani Co-Chairs NextGen Wine Competition for Millennials - Donny Sebastiani

Don Sebastiani & Sons, the Next Generation in Wine, is a negociant of upscale, moderately priced varietal wines that are sourced from some of the best growing regions worldwide. The company produces sophisticated, innovative wine brands that not only appeal to today's wine enthusiasts, but also to the palates of the next generation of wine consumers. Don & Sons largest volume brands include Smoking Loon and Pepperwood Grove. In addition, the company has introduced a portfolio of appellation driven brands including Flock, The Crusher, SKN, B Side, and Aquinas Napa Valley. Don & Sons winery operation is located in the Napa Valley with executive offices in the Sonoma Valley. Donny Sebastiani is President & CEO of Don Sebastiani & Sons.

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