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WineFairy chats with Gerry Dawes on Spain and wine; and with Jeff Siegel (aka The Wine Curmudgeon) on

With this weeks show, VinVillageRadio proudly celebrates its 2-Year Anniversary on wsRadio! During the past 2 years, VinVillageRadio has produced and broadcast 104 consecutive shows and 408 segment interviews with the "who's who" in Wine & Food! And, over that same span of time, wsRadio, the world-wide leader in internet talk-radio, has grown from 2-million to over 4-million listeners each month!

VinVillageRadio was created through an exclusive collaboration between Wine & Dine Radio and, which wsRadio broadcasts as “Wine & Dine on VinVillageRadio”, a show devoted to all things about wine and food! Featuring highly regarded broadcast wine journalist and radio-host, Lynn Krielow Chamberlain (aka "WineFairy"), and Show CEO and Executive Producer, Rob Barnett of The show is broadband chic, with classic sensibilities. It’s organic, unscripted, irregular and sustainable. It focuses on all things about wine and food during exclusive interviews of the “who’s who” in the industry while bringing it’s listeners the latest trends, events, lifestyle and social news and how they connect all of us around these two things we avidly love. Listen, learn and enjoy!...



First segment of this weeks Show: Gerry Dawes's Spain: An Insider's Guide to Spanish Food, Wine, Culture and Travel - Gerry Dawes

Gerry Dawes has been traveling around Spain for no less than 40 years. I don't know of another American wine writer who is more intimately familiar about Spain through a prism of wine, food, culture, and travel, than Gerry. We met two springs ago on a press trip to study the wines of Priorat, Monsant, Conca de Barbera, and Terra Alta. He can be cantankerous; And yet, he's affable, to those with open minds. He is opinionated; He's earned the right. He easily survives many consecutive 14 hour days of tasting and driving from winery winery, from region to region. Without a doubt, Dawes is a bottomless pit of memories, stories, and personal reflections. He spends a huge chunk of his time, each year, in Spain for the sole purpose of discovery and confirmation which he gladly shares.

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Second segment of this weeks Show: Gerry Dawes's Customized Insider's Tours to Spain... "Priceless Adventure" - Gerry Dawes

"In his nearly thirty years of wandering the back roads of Spain," Gerry Dawes has built up a much stronger bank of experiences than I had to rely on when I started writing Iberia...His adventures far exceeded mine in both width and depth..." James A. Michener, author of Iberia: Spanish Travels and Reflections. Based in New York's Hudson River Valley, Gerry Dawes is an award-winning writer-photographer, who has been traveling or living in Spain for forty years. He has thousands of high quality digital photographs and a library of thousands of transparencies going back more than two decades on a multitude of Spanish subjects. He has published thousands of photographs in such publications as Food Arts, The Wine Spectator, The Wine News, The Wine Enthusiast, Sant, Decanter, Saveur and The New York Times. He has had cover and full-page shots for The Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Wine News and has photographs in several books.

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Third segment of this weeks Show: Where Regional Wine Gets the Respect it Deserves - Jeff Siegel is the result of what happens when a good idea is embraced by dozens and dozens of wine bloggers and writers across North America. When Jeff Siegel and Dave McIntyre (The Washington Post) started the Regional Wine Week blogging project last autumn, they discovered a number of talented bloggers who were chronicling their local wine scenes. Most of them are not professional journalists. Many of them post only intermittently. But their love of wine and their appreciation of their local wineries make their blogs worth reading. Siegel is the proprietor of The Wine Curmudgeon blog, as well as the wine columnist for Advocate Magazines in Dallas and the Star-Telegram newspaper in Fort Worth.

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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: Where Wine Country is Everywhere - Jeff Siegel

The second annual Drink Local Wine conference took place in April at Lansdowne Resort near Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia. The first conference, last year, was in Texas. The 2010 conference featured three seminars; How to increase sales of local wines in restaurants; Using social media networking; And, which grapes perform best locally. Richard Leahy moderated a panel on the latter subject. Following lunch, attendees enjoyed tasting a selection of Virginia wines, then proceeded to Tweet or Blog LIVE about the wines. It's All About Inclusion.

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