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WineFairy chats with Jeremy Benson of Free The Grapes; Wendell Lee of the Wine Institute; and Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post

First segment of this weeks Show: Free The Grapes! Consumer Call-To-Action: Defeat HR5034 and Stop the Monopoly Power Grab - Jeremy Benson

Jeremy Benson is Executive Director of founded "to ensure consumer choice in fine wine." He explains how House Resolution 5034, also known as the Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness (CARE) Act of 2010, is "an unprecedented special interest power grab that is a direct threat to legal, regulated winery-to-consumer shipping now working successfully in 37 states." Listeners are urged to write to state Congressmen and women, Senators, and most important, members of the House Judiciary Committee, stating opposition to HR 5034. Learn how to easily and quickly personalize a letter on the link we provide.


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Second segment of this weeks Show: H.R. 5034 would Violate Dormant Commerce Clause and Federal Antitrust Laws - Jeremy Benson

"The National Beer Wholesalers of America (NBWA) is asking you to weigh in on an intra-industry dispute to protect their monopoly distribution system. Their legislation is couched as addressing public safety and states’ rights, but it will likely reverse reasonable wine shipping legislation and further restrict consumer choice for wine lovers. The bill will put state laws supporting wine, beer and spirits wholesaler middlemen beyond the reach of the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. HR 5034 has been immediately condemned by winery associations representing America’s 6,700 wineries, as well as voters." Write to your representatives in Congress asking that they let you know how they intend to vote on this important consumer rights issue.

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Third segment of this weeks Show: Consumers Should Determine Which Wines to Enjoy and How to Purchase, by Internet, Telephone or Newsletter - Wendell Lee

Despite widespread support for legal, regulated direct-to-consumer wine shipments by the U.S. Supreme Court, Federal Trade Commission and state alcohol regulators, consumers in 13 states are still prohibited by state law from ordering and receiving wines directly from out-of-state wineries. Additionally, only a dozen or so states allow shipments to consumers from out-of-state retailers. Model direct shipping legislation is working successfully in the majority of states -- representing 83% of wine enjoyment -- and provide additional tax revenues, prevent underage access, and satisfy consumer demand in a dynamic marketplace. Wendell Lee is Legal Counsel for Wine Institute: The Voice for California Wine and one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry on this issue.


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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: Washington Post Columnists, "Why are Direct-To-Consumers Sales so Important to Wineries" - Dave McIntyre

Dave McIntyre, Wine Columnist for the Washington Post wants consumers to understand that in a world where state wholesalers are incapable of representing all the brands in the American marketplace and all the wines that consumers desire.... Direct-To-Consumer SALES from wineries and even retailers is paramount to many wineries survival, let alone growth, in these down economic times. And yet, if H.R. 5034 passes, wineries and retailers are likely to lose access to numerous states, hurting their sales and livelihood as well as leaving consumers with access to only those wines wholesalers think the market needs.


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