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Winefairy chats with Karen Cline on Brandywine Valley; on Drinking Responsibly; with Buddy Harrell of Bennett Vineyards and with Chandni Patel on Rias Baixas

First segment of this weeks Show: Brandywine Valley Wine Trail Harvest Festival Features Eight Regional Pennsylvania Vineyards & Wineries - Karen Cline

Karen Cline invites listeners to enjoy the sights and smells of harvest and have a grape stompin' good time as the wineries of the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail celebrate the 2009 vintage! You'll find grapes galore as the vineyards commence harvest activities. Enjoy pastoral settings for picnicking, live music to "sit n' sip" by, grape stomping competitions, hayrides through the vineyards, BBQs, wine tastings, tours, and the opportunity to learn about the region where Pennsylvania's most stellar wines are being grown in the southeast pocket of Pennsylvania nestled between Philadelphia and Amish country. Festival Passports entitle participants to visit and taste at the Brandywine vineyards and wineries during the Harvest Festival weekends THROUGH December 30, 2009! Passports are available at any member winery for $25. Passports may also be ordered on-line or by calling (610)444-3842.


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Second segment of this weeks Show: Turning 21 in the U.S.: A foreign-exchange college student's reflection and reality-check - Laura

Why do we make young adults wait until they're 21 to legally drink and purchase alcohol... federal highway dollars aside? Does waiting until the age of 21 afford more responsible decisions about drinking and driving then letting teenagers have the legal reins when they are 18 like in other countries? Does being of legal drinking age bear significant responsibilities to self and others? Is alcohol abuse a right-of-passage for many turning 21? Listener comments are welcome as are personal reflections and testimonials.

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Third segment of this weeks Show: Bennett Vineyard Wines will give you a true taste of the American Colonial experience - Buddy Harrell

Before Pocohantas, John Smith and the Jamestowne Colony, before Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims, the settlers of Sir Walter Raleigh's colony at Roanoke, North Carolina were enjoying wine, the first American wine, made from Muscadine and Scuppernong grapes which grew in abundance all around them. Buddy Harrell, Co-founder, Winemaker, Muscadine-Scuppernong grape-grower, operates Bennett Vineyard & Winery in Edward, North Carolina since 1989, "working the land and perfecting the wine" that is indigenous to the Coastal Plain. He speaks to us from the New Bern Farmer's Market where he's been a regular vendor for years, introducing Northerners and locals alike to the sweet, muscaty aromas and flavors of Muscadine-Scuppernong wines. The Harrell family harvests 130 tons of grapes from their own vineyards and proudly claim to be the largest Vitis Rotundifolio grower in the state of North Carolina. Bennett Vineyard sells and ships grapes to many other wineries, home-winemakers, and individuals all over the country. Muscadine-Scuppernong grapes and wines have been tested by Campbell College and shown to produce the highest levels of Resveratrol, and other health enhancing anti-oxidants than any other grape variety.

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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: R1as Baixas Albarino Wines Challenge Amateur Chefs for Title of People's Choice" - Chandni Patel

Chandni Patel invites listeners to test their skills in the fourth annual Rias Baixas Albarino Recipe Pairing Contest, a challenge that pairs amateur chefs original recipes with this versatile white wine. This year, contestants will go head-to-head in the kitchen for a chance to schmooze with Hollywood's brightest stars at the 36th Annual People's Choice Awards. To build excitement, the People's Choice category has been added to this years contest, affording entrants three ways to win. Consumers can log onto the Rias Baixas website and vote for the favorite recipe from last years recipe contest finalists which will determine the People's Choice winner. The Grand Prize Winner with the best recipe from this years recipe contest, the winning chef from the People's Choice category, as well as a randomly selected online voter will each win a trip to Los Angeles and two tickets to the 36th Annual People's Choice Awards in 2010. Entries will be accepted through November 30, 2009.

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