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WineFairy chats with Ken McAdams and Marian Bingham on Bon Courage; A.K. Crump on TasteTV; Kady Fleckenstein on Chardonnay Symposium; & Becky Sue Epstein on Finger Lakes Wines

Segment-1: The new book "Bon Courage" Rediscovering the Art of Living in the Heart of France - Ken McAdams and Marian "Bing" Bingham

One year after their wedding, Ken McAdams and Marian "Bing" Bingham finish a home renovation project in Greenwich, Connecticut, that puts their new marriage to the test. After the dumpster is gone and the last shingle is in place, they head to the French countryside to celebrate their long-delayed honeymoon. As they settle into the rhythm of life in the peaceful village of La Montagne Noire, they fall in love with the food, the wine, the mountains, the town, and the rich life they are living there. With joy and humor, Ken captures the essence of French village life. Bing, a professional artist, provided illustrations for "Bon Courage: Rediscovering the Art of Living in the Heart of France."




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Segment-2: TasteTV Provides the Best of Food and Fashion Programs in TV, Film, and Online - A.K. Crump

A.K. Crump launched The Indie Food Channel in 2004, which served as the original concept behind TasteTV Networks. Crump is Chair of the food, fashion, travel-related "The Tasty Awards," open for listener nominations, including this online radio show! TasteTV is the multi-platform vehicle that delivers to food, wine, fashion, travel, and lifestyle lovers exciting and delicious programming from around the U.S., Canada and the World. TasteTV can be viewed online; on video on demand; each week on over 100 television stations nationwide; on Hulu; on mobile phones; and via video podcasts. TasteTV owned sites include:,,,, and Visit TasteTV on:,, Twitter (TasteTV), Twitter (ChocolateSalon),,, Facebook and more.




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Segment-3: The Chardonnay Symposium Explores America's Favorite Grape July 31st, 2010 - Kady Fleckenstein

Kady Fleckenstein is Executive Director of The Chardonnay Symposium, the first of it's kind, exploration of Chardonnay from different regions, different stylistic expressions, different growing and production influences, on Saturday, July 31st, and regional differences. Fleckenstein also directs the Santa Maria Valley Wine Country vinters association. Full-day tickets cost $100 (a steal) in advance only and include a choice of morning panel discussion, lunch, transportation, admission to the Grant Tasting, a Riedel wine glass, and gift bag. On Sunday, Aug. 1st. Breakaway Tours & Event Planning offers attendees an additional Chardonnay adventure.



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Segment-4: Finger Lakes Wines Enjoy Long History of Appealing to Wide Audience - Becky Sue Epstein

The Finger Lakes region of New York is an eight-hour drive from Boston for Becky Sue Epstein but this is her first visit. She speaks to us from Seneca Lake on tour with a a group of wine writers from the U.K who have never experienced a North American Vitis Labrusca (Concord for example) wine let alone a French American hybrid white or red varietal which are widely planted in the region. Epstein likens their warm reception and lack of pretense to what visiting a north coast California winery must have been like 50 years ago. She'll be back to the Finger Lakes wine-growing region of New York and hopes that you will be inspired as well.



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