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WineFairy Chats with Kermit Lynch, Ricky Fataar on making music; Christophe Schneider on Global Warming in Alsace; and with Crushpads Stu Ake on the new Fusebox Create

First segment of this weeks Show: "Can A Wine Man Sing The Blues?" "Berkeley's Wine Radical" introduces Man's Temptation - Kermit Lynch and Ricky Fataar

Kermit Lynch, internationally renowned wine importer and Ricky Fataar, South African-born longtime drummer for Bonnie Raitt, Producer who helped Lynch craft arrangements, many of which were written and sung by Lynch himself, join us from Berkeley and San Diego respectively to discuss the creative process and joy of creating, recording, and promoting Lynch's second CD.... Man's Temptation. Lynch, just returned to Berkeley from Provence. Berkeley-based Fataar joins us while on tour with Bonnie Raitt. Good music, drinking fine wine, and having fun. Lynch, long known for his deft flair at writing musings on wine is now making his mark as a songwriter and song interpreter.

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Second segment of this weeks Show: "A good bottle of wine is like a terrific song." - Kermit Lynch and Ricky Fataar

"When you go into a winery, there are several barrels. Sometimes wine is in a big oak cask, sometimes it's in a steel tank. Some is from grapes picked the first day of harvest, others from the last day. When you're blending, you're composing. Recording Man's Temptation was the same way," according to Lynch. The result can be considered vintage Kermit Lynch. "Kermit knows what he likes," says Man's Temptation Producer Ricky Fataar. "He has eclectic taste in songs, but somehow it all makes sense." Man's Temptation features Lynch originals that travel through rock, country, folk, blues, R&B and gospel. Join Lynch to celebrate the 37th anniversary of Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant and introducing Man's benefit Chez Panisse Foundation.


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Third segment of this weeks Show: Thirty-year Global Warming in Alsace makes for happy Riesling growers - Christophe Schneider

Christophe Schneider, Research Engineer, INRA: National Institute for Agronomic Research, Colmar, joins us from Colmar, France, to discuss his research on Alsace varietals and climate change. Climate change has been a slow march, recorded for over 30 years at the INRA station at Colmar but you will be surprised to learn that Riesling growers participating in the global warming research are happy, not sad. As a consumer, I am sad. From the growers' perspective, warmer climate brings riper grapes, higher alcohol, richer wines and less headaches from cool-climate related whims of Mother Nature. How many years will it be before we can no longer count Alsace as a fringe cool-climate growing area?

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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: Fusebox Create kit inspires wine blending at home for creating one case of wine at Crushpad - Stuart Ake

Stuart Ake wears several hats at Crushpad: handling Wine Education, hosting blending sessions, and dabbling with writing, marketing and production. “Last month we launched Fusebox Create which allows you to blend, design and create as little as one case of your very own wine. It's been awesome to see all of the winemaking, technology and processes come together with this program - about ten times more complex than we thought!”

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