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WineFairy chats with Reva Singh of Wine Magazine India; and Jan Nelson of Napa Valley Vintners and the Japanese Wine Market

First segment of this weeks Show: Sommelier India: The Wine Magazine, India's First and Only Magazine Devoted to Wine - Reva K. Singh

Reva K. Singh, Founder, Publisher and Editor, Sommelier India: The Wine Magazine, India's first and only magazine devoted to wine, joins us from Manhattan to talk about the inaugural Sommelier India Wine Competition judged by the top Indian palates specifically serving India's wine consumers, and cuisine, chaired by Steven Spurrier. Results will be published in Issue One of 2010 with Spurrier joining us to discuss the results. Sommelier India is a bimonthly, four-colour glossy magazine available to both domestic and international subscribers.

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Second segment of this weeks Show: Sommelier India: The Wine Magazine Brings Modern Lifestyle to India - Reva K. Singh

Today, wine awareness and consumption in India compares to that of the US 30 - 35 years ago. Alcohol with a meal are not traditional rituals. Socially, men drink whisky; Women drink Sherry, Port, and Champagne... not really considered wine.... until recently! Social norms are changing in keeping with cosmopolitan, international attitudes and the publishing/editorial influence of Reva K. Singh and Sommelier India magazine. Currently, wine continues to be out-of-reach for most Indians due to high taxes at retail. Curiously, wine is not taxed for on-premise consumption, including upscale hotels and fine dining.

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Third segment of this weeks Show: Napa Valley Vintners Beef Up Efforts in Japanese Market - Jan Nelson

Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) non-profit trade association of more than 350 member wineries from the legendary American winegrowing region announces its new initiatives to promote the region to the ever-important Japanese export market. Long part of the NVV's bi-annual Asian marketing missions, the effort is being enhanced to include the appointment of a dedicated NVV agent in Tokyo, Jan Nelson, as a year-round representative to promote the region.

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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: Napa Valley Vintners Target Evolving Japanese Wine Culture with new Website - Jan Nelson

Jan Nelson moved to Japan in 1998 following his graduation from McGill University to work as a coordinator for international relations. He entered the wine industry in Tokyo in 2002 as the consumer and events manager at Pacific Northwest wine specialist Orca International. During his seven years at Orca, he built a successful consumer and events program that catered to a 3500 member list of wine lovers, hosting monthly wine events, private tastings, and wine consulting services, as well as an extensive online sales program. In online marketing, NVV recently launched one of the first extensive and educational Japanese language website on September 17, 2009.

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