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WineFairy chats with Rowan Gormley of Naked Wines; Mike Zitzlaff from Crushpad; and with Becky Sue Epstein from Bordeaux

First segment of this weeks Show: UK Start-up Naked Wines Delivers Recession-Proof Value for Shareholders-Rowan Gormley

Rowan Gormley, Founder, Naked Wines, tells us that all wine sold at retail carries a dead-weight of approximately 30 - 40 percent. Dead- weight you might ask? According to Gormley's CPA lingo.... it basically boils down to profit to the producer; negative-value to the consumer. Naturally, in bad economic consumer confidence, Gormley and 17 "deranged" friends, started Naked Wines in December of 2008 (that's 17 bloody months ago) with the idea to commission stunning, value-added wine for shareholders, now hovering at 20,000. The current portfolio is so un-American (to-date); All that dry rosé and bubbly. Wish you were in the US.


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Second segment of this weeks Show: Naked Wines Delivers the Finest Ingredients without a Celebrity Price Tag - Rowan Gormley

Naked Wines "doesn't just buy wines... (they) make them happen." Demographics of Naked Wines clients fit the 2.0 user profile but not the average wine consumer in the US: 30 years old when folks are beginning to think about buying their first home and starting a family... peaking in the early 40s; 58 percent are men, 42 percent are women; the average income is £ 65,000, the equivalent of roughly 100,000 USD. Think of Naked Wines as a "completely new way of buying wine, where everyone wins." Learn about the 22 sponsored winemakers, their stories, the Naked Wines truth.


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Third segment of this weeks Show: Crushpad Urban Winemaking Novelty Liberates Stereotype with their move to Napa Valley's Silverado Trail - Mike Zitzlaff

Warning – Winemaking is Addictive! Community-centric Crushpad provides grapes from top California and Bordeaux vineyards, an industry-acclaimed wine making team, and a state-of-the-art winery 100 percent focused on making wine in small lots. No matter where you live, you can now make your own wine. They offer services to help you turn your passion for custom wine making into a wine business, whether you are a wine enthusiast, retailer, or restaurant. Mike Zitzlaff, General Manager and Chief Winemaker, gives us an update on moving 2,000 barrels from San Francisco to 3105 Silverado Trail, Napa.


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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: Wine and Dine Blogger Tasting Notes from Bordeaux and Burgundy, Spring 2010 - Becky Sue Epstein

Becky Sue Epstein, reports from Chateau Kirwan, attending Bordeaux’s Primeur week in April, and previously, tasting throughout Burgundy. She shares her expert opinions about both regions, the quality of wine for future shipment, pricing structure, and palpable differing cultural attitudes. Epstein speaks fluent French and has been a long- time France-wine-traveler.


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