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WineFairy chats with Steve Swenson and Amy Schilling on Telluride Wine Festival; Sonia Smith from Center for Wine Origins; and Cheryl Murphy Durzy of Clos LaChance on Stop H.R.5034

 First segment of this weeks Show: Telluride Wine Festival 2010: Wine, Culinary, Art, Music, 29-Years Strong - Steve Swenson

Steve Swenson is Director of The Telluride Wine Festival, now in it's 29th-year... where the mountains meet the sky, where the rough meets refined, and, on the last weekend in June, the hottest chefs, wineries, and sommeliers gather to celebrate the wonderful world of wine and food. Cat Cora leads the professional chef cooking demo line-up for 2010, with the current festival beneficiary being Telluride Culinary Academy... keeping it local, front, and center, June 24 to 27th, 2010. Among other wine and spirit luminaries are Fred Dexheimer, Master Sommelier, and Jason Smith, Master Sommelier with Steve Olson, a.k.a. Wine Geek officiating.


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Second segment of this weeks Show: Telluride Jewelry Artist Amy Schilling hosts Telluride Wine Festival Wine Poster Challenge and Art Exhibition - Amy Schilling

Amy Schilling lives "a poetic adventure in jewelry" and is philosophically committed to procuring metals, recycled glass, and precious stones for her petroglyph inspired jewelry as honest representations of their place-of-origin, minus human suffering, political and economic injustice. SCHILLING studio Gallery was a partner in the "Where in the World Does Your Wine come from?" Nationwide Poster Challenge and Art Exhibition for the Telluride Wine Festival, June 24 to 27th, 2010. Each of the 20 final posters will be be displayed at the festival with cash awards given to the "Best in Show" and "People's Choice". All finalists art work will be sold at SCHILLING studio Gallery throughout the festival.

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Third segment of this weeks Show: "Where In The World Does Your Wine Come From?" - Sonia Smith

When it comes to wine, there is no ingredient more important than location. The land, air, water, and weather in the region where the grapes are grown are what make each wine unique. That's why great names like Port, Champagne, Rioja, Bordeaux, Napa and Sonoma are more than just types of wine; they're from specific regions in specific countries. Whether you're talking about foods like Florida Oranges or Alaskan Salmon or wines like Champagne or Port -- location matters. Where a product comes from plays an important role in determining its character and quality. And that's why the Center for Wine Origins was founded to help Americans remember that location matters when it comes to wine. While excellent wine is produced around the world, it is important to know where your wine comes from. Sonia Ruesler Smith is Director of the Center for Wine Origins, Washington, D.C.


(Click the image above to sign the "Wine Place & Origin Petition".)


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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: H.R. 5034 Threatens Consumers Right to Interstate Wine Shipments - Cheryl Murphy Durzy

Cheryl Murphy Durzy, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Clos LaChance Winery is outraged by the danger posed by House Resolution 5034 on behalf of the beer and wine wholesalers of America, thus threatening consumers access to artisan alcohol products, shipped across state lines. Clos LaChance Winery is a relatively small, family winery, who would loose valuable direct-to-consumer sales if H.R. 5034 eventually comes to pass. Alcohol wholesalers' continue to enjoy enormous power over what retailers and restaurateurs can sell, a monopoly position which ignores small, local, artisan alcohol beverage producers. Consumers are rallying against the radical anti-consumer-choice H.R. 5034. Learn more at the links provided below.



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