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WineFairy chats with Vintners Hall of Fame Inductees Andy Beckstoffer, Napa Entrepreneur and Grape-Grower; and 30-Year Gourmet Magazine Wine Essayist, Gerald Asher

First segment of this weeks Show: Andy Beckstoffer, Napa Entrepreneur, Grape-Grower, Vintners Hall of Fame 2010 Inductee - Andy Beckstoffer

Richmond, Virginia born and raised, Andy Beckstoffer has contributed much to Napa Valley. Beckstoffer will be honored at The Culinary Institute of America 2010 Vintners Hall of Fame as a 2010 inductee on March 13, 2010 with a daylong Celebration of California Wine & Food, culminating in the Vintners Hall of Fame induction ceremony. In 1994 Andy was a founding member of The Rutherford Dust Society and served as its initial President. He remains on the Society's Board of Directors and is the current President. Beckstoffer became a founding director of the Napa Valley Grape Growers Association (NVGGA) in 1975. A year later, as the Association's president, he brought forth the revolutionary idea of basing the price of a ton of grapes on the future price of a bottle of wine. As a leader in modern viticulture practices, many of his ideas from irrigation to vine spacing were considered radical when introduced. After years of rapid expansion in the wine industry and little control over what constituted a winery, the NVGGA made a recommendation to require that 75 percent of the wine made in the Napa Valley Agricultural Preserve be from Napa Valley grapes. In 1989, the 75 percent rule was established and Beckstoffer was hailed by the NVGGA as the proposal's "chief architect."

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Second segment of this weeks Show: Leader in Wine and Grape Industry Exemplifies Technology, Business Acumen and Agricultural Sensitivity - Andy Beckstoffer

Andy Beckstoffer came to Napa as a corporate executive in 1969, after earning an M.B.A. from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Recognizing the potential for growth in premium wines, he started a farming company which he eventually purchased in 1973. Beckstoffer Vineyards has grown to be the largest vineyard owner, farming group, and winegrape seller in the Napa Valley and the North Coast, delivering grapes to more than 100 of the state's most famous wineries. Andy Beckstoffer, Chairman and CEO, Beckstoffer Vineyards, developed a formula for paying growers based on the finished wine value, thus reducing the incentive for excessive yield and focusing growers on quality. He has played a major role in preserving agriculture in the Napa Valley and has contributed to efforts to restore the Napa River. Beckstoffer and his namesake Vineyards continue to influence California viticulture. As a leader in the wine and grape industry, his latest endeavor is to bring the technology, business acumen and agricultural sensitivity he honed for 30 years in the Napa Valley to Mendocino and Lake Counties.

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Third segment of this weeks Show: 30-Year Gourmet Magazine Wine Essayist Keeps Wine in Perspective - Gerald Asher

While still a student in London, Gerald Asher took a part-time job in a wine shop near Piccadilly, a small step that started him on his way to a distinguished career. A succession of work-study programs in key wine regions, led to employment in the wine industry in positions that eventually brought him to California where, as first chairman of Wine Institute's Geographic Appellations Committee, he quickly developed a keen sense of California's viticultural identity. Through his work in the industry and his elegantly written monthly essays for Gourmet, where he was wine editor for thirty years, he passed to countless others his deep knowledge of wine and his passion for California. Books drawn mainly from his Gourmet writing include On Wine, Vineyard Tales, Wine Journal, and The Pleasures of Wine.

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Fourth segment of this weeks Show: 2009 Vintners Hall of Fame Inductee has Revealing Romantic Notion of Wine - Gerald Asher

The Vintners Hall of Fame celebrates the men and women whose collective vision, determination, and hard work have been responsible for the growth and worldwide prestige of the California wine industry. Bronze sculptures of the inductees "crafted by renowned artist Lawrence Newlan" are displayed on the historic 2,200-gallon redwood wine barrels in the former Christian Brothers' Barrel Room. Each plaque includes a biography of the inductee, capturing that person's unique accomplishments and role in making California one of the most legendary places in the world for fine wine. Each March, the college holds A Celebration of California Wine & Food, a series of events celebrating the induction of new members into the Vintners Hall of Fame. Proceeds from the Induction celebrations contribute to scholarships to the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies. Asher is a regular essayist for World of Fine Wine London-based magazine. His March essay is titled: Worth The Sacrifice? Points, Technique, And Terroir.

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