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Food and wine pairing at Vin Allemand!

Well the weather has finally started to change, the nights are getting chilly (as much as they do here in San Diego), and everyone has been eating hearty German food and drinking beer in celebration of Oktoberfest. While for some this may be beer season you shouldn’t overlook the fantastic and versatile wines from Germany. In fact, we are showcasing some excellent examples of those wines at this Friday’s launch of VinVillage-San DIego with our German wine partner, Truly Fine Wine.

German wines are great for several reasons. As a chef I find them to be delicious and very food-friendly and as a consumer I find them to be great values as they are still largely unknown and under-appreciated in this country (not so in Europe). The dry and semi-dry Rieslings and the elegant Pinot Noirs go well with fruit, cheeses, pasta, spicy foods, chicken, veal, and the list goes on and on.

I’ve narrowed down the food pairings for this event to showcase the broad appeal and range of foods that go well with German wines. At our first station I’ll offer a selection of cheeses, dried and fresh fruit. To show how well our wines pair with spicy dishes, I’ll do Thai Chicken Satays with Spicy Peanut Sauce and Braised Duck/Leek Potstickers. To demonstrate the versatility of Riesling, I’ll pair one with Smoked Salmon Tostadas.  For the Pinot Noir, which exhibits warm tannins, full berry aroma, and nice minerality, I’ve chosen to do a Mushroom stuffed with Braised Leek/Sausage Risotto.

And, for the fifth, final and sweetest station, we'll offer a sweet dessert wine that is the style that many people expect from Germany. You shouldn’t be so quick to assume you know what this wine will taste like. Great German dessert wines have excellent acidity along with their great fruit forwardness.  I’m making individual Gorgonzola Tarts with Candied Pecans and Wildflower Honey to finish the pairings.

NOTE: Vin Allemand – November 9th at Truly Fine Wine in San Diego.

For the VinVillage members fortunate enough to live in or near San Diego, you have a great opportunity to learn more about German wines and how they pair with food by attending “Vin Allemand”, the German wine event we are hosting with Truly Fine Wines this coming Friday, November 9th (more info here: It will be an evening featuring an incredible 5-station food and wine pairing offered for only $20 a person. If you attend, and you should try to, be sure to come over and say hello and we'll talk about pairing food with German wines.

I look forward to seeing you there this coming Friday.


Chuck Samuelson
Leader, VinVillage-San Diego
Chuck Samuelson Catering