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Jeff Gave Us Some Killer Fresh Fish

Our friend Jeff went out on a fishing boat recently for a couple of days and caught beau coupe albacore and yellowtail. When he offered some of the bounty I met him at his office and picked up a bag of unbelievably fresh fish. We’d planned to grill some up that night but summer being what it is, we didn’t get to it ‘till the next night.


Now here’s the thing about fresh fish; if it’s really truly really fresh then the blood line will be bright red (like it was) and the fish will smell like clean ocean breezes (like ours did). When you have that kind of fresh fish just fire up the bbq, rub the fish w/ olive oil, salt and pepper it liberally, and please just don’t overcook it! Leave it medium-rare. It’ll continue to cook after it leaves the grill. We ate it with a green salad with a quick oil and vinegar dressing and some fresh tomato sauce on the side. More about that tomato sauce in another post.


That fish was so good it almost made me feel bad about all the times I’ve taken Jeff’s money at poker….well, almost. The wine; we were in the mood for red: usually are, which is fine considering that the yellowtail I grilled is a full-flavored fish and had a nice char from the turbo-grill.


We drank the last bottle of 2001 Lambert Bridge Zinfandel. It’s a blend of 86% Zin, 5% Syrah, 5% Carignane, and 4% Petite Sirah. Big, but not too big, just the right spicy, smoky intense fruit to play with the fish.


Wish we’d had another bottle.



Chef Chuck Samuelson

Leader, Vin Village-San Diego

San Diego Chuck Samuelson Catering