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Memorable Autumn Meal

Although it’s hard to tell by the temperature outside (currently 72 degrees and sunny in America’s Finest City), it really is autumn.  Last week we had a couple of chilly early mornings and nights but now it’s back to the SD default weather; aka sunny & mild, moderate surf, etc., etc.  Really, is there an easier job in the world than SD weatherman?  I think not.

But it is fall, and I’m thinking harvest menus, and that makes my mouth water because white truffles are coming!  One other thing that sings to me of crisp autumn evenings is risotto.  I did many, many variations of this classic Italian rice dish at my restaurants and Maine Lobster Risotto with Chardonnay Beurre Blanc became for years a signature dish at Bird Rock Café and Cuvee.  I’ll post that recipe in another blog for anyone to try.

This blog is about a meal in NYC where risotto and truffles combined to create the most memorable dish in a seven-course meal.  The restaurant was the Joe and Lydia Bastianich/Mario Batali collaboration Del Posto.  It’s smart looking with dark wood and marble and the food, while more conservative than Batali’s Babbo, hits every note right.


Now the night before the memorable dinner, the opera singer and I had stopped by late for a drink and a nibble at the bar.  At one point we called the manager over to ask about the CD playing.  The voice sounded familiar but we couldn’t pinpoint the artist.  As it turned out she was one of the principal sommeliers at DP.  She had had a band and cut a CD but when the big break never materialized she continued to do what many do to support their dreams; wait tables, drink wine, etc.  Her name is Cynthia Goddeau and the cd’s title is On Earth. Get it if you can find it.  We had such a great time talking with her and liked the look of the restaurant and menu so we booked a table for the next night and fast forward to seven courses of food/wine pairings and that white truffle risotto.  It was sublime!  The waiter brought two steaming plates of perfect creamy risotto and the captain shaved fresh white truffle over the plates until the risotto could not be seen.  A slice of truffle with every bite of risotto.  Ah, heaven!


The wines:  Here’s something I strongly recommend; get to know the person in charge of the wines at your favorite restaurants.  Teach them your wine preferences and on occasion let them choose your wines.  That’s what we did with Cynthia at Del Posto and the result was an unforgettable wine and food tour of Italy.  I chose the food courses, Cynthia chose the wines, and the opera singer was much too polite to sing with her mouth full so she just smiled.