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Turkey in the Big Apple


I spent Thanksgiving and the week prior in New York City with the red-headed Opera singer. A week in the Big Apple provides a lot of fodder for the blogger so you can expect more on the subject. NYC is such a magical place at the holidays. While I've lived for 20 years now in SD and the previous 10 in Hawaii, I've never quite gotten over the joy that crisp weather, tree leaves changing color, and that certain something in the air that signals a rapidly approaching winter and the coming of Christmas provide. Word to the wise; in NYC be careful where you're smelling as that "certain something in the air" could be last night's poorly packaged trash waiting on the curb to be collected. Everyplace has its own charm. I love SD and NYC for very different reasons.

One of the great reasons to love NYC is its incredible and ever-changing food/wine scene. You can find me, many of my trips back, on my first free morning at Cafeteria on 6th Avenue. It’s a casually hip and usually busy breakfast/lunch/dinner/late night place where I've always found the food to be excellent. Maybe the morning in question the chef was off or maybe they were training someone new on the line. Maybe its just started that slide that so many places do when the people in charge take their eyes off the basics of good service and good food. I always order the same dish 'cause it has always satisfied. Green Eggs and Ham consists of a thick, juicy, bone-in slice of grilled country ham, eggs scrambled with pesto (hence the green), topped with goat cheese, and served with a mini biscuit. The best way to ruin this dish is to overcook the ham and the eggs, serve the biscuit stone cold, and have it all take so long so as to preclude any thought of ordering anything else. Don't even get me started on the service! Do I really have to ask for absolutely everything? Can't think of a reason to return given all the other choices nearby.

Which leads me to CookShop on 10th Avenue in Chelsea. What a great meal! We started with frozen yogurt parfait (tangy house-made yogurt and delicious fresh berries and grapes) and went on to Berkshire slab bacon (nearly as meaty as ham) with sunny side up eggs in an iron skillet (solves the problem of eggs cooling much faster than the rest of the meal) for me and baked eggs with three cheese fondue for the Opera singer. All that time in Switzerland made a fondue fan out of her. The tea selection was excellent, the service efficient and friendly, and by the time we finished the line out the door was four across and ten deep and rightfully so. It was just the meal needed to clear the fog from a night of many glasses of wine at many new NYC venues.

I'll tell you next time about my favorite new winebar Solex from the owners of Bar Veloce. Those guys have something special going on there. Also in the next blog; burgers in NYC(and why are there no great burgs in SD?) and hotel turkey, much better than it sounds.


Chuck Samuelson
Leader, VinVillage-San Diego
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