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When the World Gives You Tomatoes; Make Sauce

Here we are at the almost end of summer and everyone has too many tomatoes. My patio plants provide enough for great fresh caprese salads but little more. My Del Mar tomato connection, however, has been supplying us with bags and bags and we’ve reached our limit on raw tomato consumption. It’s time to make sauce. I’m talking quick and easy, bursting with flavor sauce so simple that a child can do it. So I had the boys (10yo and 7yo) help. This is a great opportunity to teach several basic cooking skills; garlic peeling, tomato peeling, sautéing, and some basic knife skills. We went through those plus the oft-repeated cleanliness, sanitation, and workstation organization lectures (sorry, it’s the chef in me). Like I said, the recipe is quick, easy, fun and fast. It’s great to do with the kids (don’t forget the camera) or with the partner and a nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc (one with a little sugar and good acid to compliment the tomatoes), or a great dry Riesling from Germany (go to for killer Rieslings), or even a Sangiovese. I’ll post the recipe just as soon as I write it. Since we made this sauce we’ve used it in pasta (good imported dry spaghetini), on the side of grilled fresh fish, (thank you again, Jeff), and over store-bought rotisserie chicken. Tomorrow I'll scramble the last of this batch in eggs and top with a little feta cheese for breakfast. The wine: Mostly the Showket Sangiovese from Oakville in Napa that I got in a wine shop in Calistoga where a buddy has several restaurants and a wine bar. It's 100% Sangiovese and about as fine an everyday drinking with pasta or whatever wine as you could hope to find.