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Vin Allemand - German its finest!


I love German wines.  Now, I know when many people think of German wines they immediately think, ohhh I’m not crazy about those sweet wines.

While its true that Germany produces and exports a lot of sweet syrupy wine to the United States, what is lesser known is that much of the dry German wine styles don’t get exported here. Being German myself, I can tell you that Germans typically prefer dry wine over the sweeter styles. Its their preference for dry wine behind the reason that much of the sweeter styles get exported to other countries, such as to the U.S.  Many of the great German producers such as Barth, Blees Ferber, and Hans Lang, Robert Weil, and Donnhoff can sell most of their wine in Germany, or in other European countries, so many of these top producers haven’t needed to export it to the U.S. 

Well, finally, this is beginning to change and over the last couple years some unbelievable value wines have been coming out of Germany.  A great example of this is our VinVillage import partner “Truly Fine Wine” in San Diego, who I honestly believe, has some of the best German value wines in the U.S. You can literally drink the D.R.C. (Domaine de la Romanee Conti) equivalent of German wine for a mere $30 a bottle. German wines are so misunderstood in the U.S. they still remain a tremendous under-priced value. The dry styles of Riesling are profound, complex and extremely food friendly and that is why that I highly recommend, you should be drinking them, too.

NOTE: Vin Allemand – November 9th at Truly Fine Wine in San Diego.

For the VinVillage members fortunate enough to live in or near San Diego, you have a tremendous opportunity to learn more about German wines by attending “Vin Allemand”, the German wine event we are hosting with Truly Fine Wines this coming Friday, November 9th (more info here: It will be featuring an incredible 5-station food and wine pairing offered for only $20 a person.  If you attend, and you should try to, be sure to come over and say hello to me and I’ll teach you a little about German Wines. Hope to see you there!

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Dustin Jones
Director of Wine Education, VinVillage
Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers
Wine Director, La Valencia Hotel