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Sul Americana Wine




By Krunch Kretschmar,
Int'l Grand Confrerie Sommelier

South American wine!!  We can’t get enough  those great Malbecs from Chile, Cabs and Malbec blends from Argentina.

But wait!! Something is missing. Brazil is serving up some of the most superb wines in the world!

If you haven’t  tasted a Brazilian wine,  lift up your glass. These wines have a marvelous  French flavor without the European price tag.

Miolo is the largest winery in Brazil.  Its wines are produced in French oak barrels.  The sparkling wine is hand turned then stored in a cave for over a year. Sample one of Miolo’s Pinot Noir’s and you’ll think it was from Burgundy.

So,  the next time you have a taste for South American wine, remember the BIG GUY down there. BRAZIL is serving up a carnival for your taste buds.

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Krunch Kretschmar, Ph.D., is 1 of 24 International Grand Confrerie Sommelier’s in the world. This elite group serves world leaders, heads of state and Fortune 100 members. Krunch brings his love of wine to life through engaging & educational wine tasting, classes and consultation. He’s been a featured guest on the CBS2 news to discuss theme-based wine parties. Krunch’s expertise also been tapped for wine investments, personal cellar consultation, restaurants, benefit auctions & up-scale wine retail. Krunch is also an independent journalist and publisher of the popular blog “Investment Wine” and a blog contributor to


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