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Artisanal Premium Cheese began in a 2-star Michelin restaurant, Picholine in New York. With a mission to curate the world’s finest cheeses, Artisanal selects from thousands to offer 200 remarkable, unique, and handcrafted cheeses. Artisanal specializes in the ancient craft of Affinage, a careful process that starts with farm-level selection, and follows with nurturing and aging of each cheese.

Comte Cheese Association

The Comté Cheese Association ~ "Comité Interprofessionnel du Comté" ~ was set up by decree on 11th June 1963. It represents all those who are involved in the production of Comté: dairy farmers, cheese-makers, affineurs, and carries out activities in all field of interest to the trade, including research and technical issues, economics, information and communications, marketing, law and promotion of the Comté appellation, defense of local traditions and protection of the environment.


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ResVez WineTime Bar


Indulge your desire for a gourmet taste sensation with the patent-pending Resveratrol "WineTime" chocolate bar. Enjoy the first and only nutrition bar containing Resveratrol, the ingredient in grapes acclaimed to be a secret to the fountain of youth because of its powerful heart-healthy and anti-aging properties. With more Resveratrol than 50 glasses of red wine, WineTime bar is good for you...and its "sinfully delicious!" Now in 'Chocolate-Raspberry,' too!

in is proud to introduce its new line of gourmet quality, all natural condiments from "America's Restaurant", "Tavern on the Green", now available for consumers to enjoy at home! is a philanthropic venture founded on a single precept and passion: to satisfy the growing demand for superior gourmet specialties made from all natural ingredients.

in is designed to help consumers select wines and cheeses that meet their individual needs. Being wine consumers for the past 20 years, we are dedicated to the art of wine selection and food pairing. Your one-stop source for wine reviews, wine descriptions, gourmet food, recipes, and the art of pairing wine, cheese and food. We compile the information from various independent food and wine experts including the winemaker's tasting notes.