Drink Responsibly



VinVillage highly advises, and encourages, everyone to always drink in moderation, and to NEVER drink and drive.

Be aware that "YOU" are fully responsible, and completely liable, for your own decisions and actions, so be smart AND be responsible and DO NOT drink and drive! #BeSmart!



We do not condone or tolerate over-indulging type of behavior. Too many innocent people are injured and/or killed due to people driving under the influence, so if you are going to be drinking alcohol, plan ahead for alternate transportation, or have a "designated 'non-drinking' driver" with your group.

Please DO NOT drink and drive! If you need help, please ask someone for help.

Non-Driving Options & Resources:

~ National Taxi Hotline, click HERE

~ National Uber Hotline, click HERE

~ Drinking & Driving Hotline, click HERE

~ AAA Sober Ride Hotline, click HERE

Always have fun, but in an adult responsible way...and DO NOT drink and drive.

Cheers, VinVillage