2011 Old World Vines 3-Pack Solvenian Wines (750ml)

Wine Facts

Vintage: 2011
Winery: Old World Vines
Varietal: 3-Pack
Type: Other
Style: 750ml
Appelation: Solvenia
Label Designation: Solvenian Wines
Enclosure: Cork
Price: $39.95

2011 Old World Vines 3-Pack  Solvenian Wines (750ml)



You'll love this "dinner-party-ready" Taster 3-Pack Gift Set featuring three wines from family-owned wineries that have been making wine for centuries. Serve the Sivi Pinot (Pinot Gris) to your arriving guests. It is ideal with appetizers, cheeses and while preparing your meal. Serve the Chardonnay Cuvée, a full body, dry white blend of Chardonnay, Sivi Pinot and dry Renski Riesling, with the starter dishes and salad. Serve the delicious Kékfrankos, a medium body, dry red wine similar to a Pinot Noir, but with more body and fruit forward flavors with a soft spice finish; with your main entrée; a perfect accent to your dining experience..

Sivi Pinot (aka Pinot Gris): This lovely 2011 vintage received Silver at the Austrian International Wine Challenge 2012. The style is a Dry white wine. The winery is Vino Kupljen. This is a bright and delicious wine of complex layers of apples and citrus with a refreshing touch of creaminess on the finish. This wine is a pale golden yellow with intense fruit and hints of baking spices, moderate acidity and full-bodied on the palate with a long balanced finish. It's a great food wine that is wonderful with cured meats, anitipasto, cheeses (esp. goat, sheep and smoked), grilled, poached or baked fish, shellfish, ham (lemon, smoked or herbs, such as tarragon & thyme), vegetables (esp. with sauces) and light spicy dishes. Exceptional with Thai cuisine.

Spirit of Svetinje (a Chardonnay Cuvée): This is a delicious and unique dry white cuvée of Chardonnay, Renski Riesling & Pinot Gris. Yes, this is a 2003 which just received Silver & Bronze medals at 2 of Europe’s very prestigious wine challenges. Kupljen Winery is in the heart of the Podravje region known for white wines with immense aging potential! Svetinje means sacred and holy, the regional name given when a King gave the region to a group of soldiers calling it their holy land. This beautiful cuvée has rich aromas of yellow apple, pear, citrus and minerals. This wine is fruit forward on the palate with a silky texture and clean finish. It is delicious with steamed or roasted vegetables. Its crispness holds up to salads with tangy dressings, grilled seafood, rotisserie and roasted white meat dishes. The Chardonnay richness complements heavy herbs like herb encrusted roasted pork. Excellent with grilled seafood and shellfish.

Kékfrankos: This lovely Kékfrankos 2011 is produced by József Bock. A winner of numerous national and international medals across Europe. The style is a dry red wine. The Winery is Bock Cellars. This Kékfrankos is a wonderful easy drinking red wine before or with a meal. Grown from the Black Mountain Vineyard in Villány, Hungary near the Croatian border. This is a medium bodied dry red wine with a distinct magenta rim. It is fruit forward on the palate with hints of violets and dark berries that give way to a soft minerality and soft spiciness. Its layers of fruit, minerals and spice are perfectly balanced. This versatile red wine complements numerous dishes such as hearty Italian dishes with red sauces, grilled, rotisserie & roasted poultry, pork and red meat dishes. It’s higher acidity holds up to creamy sauces and richer meats, such as oxtail, pastrami, wild boar and rich salmon. Even try it with a hamburger or pizza!


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Old World Vines "Taster 3-Pack"
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